20 November 2011

Renee & Gilbert Wedding

I'm back from busyland! Will continue busy till next year I guess. I can't wait to end my nightmare! counting the days already. hehe My blogging mood seriously on and off, when in good mood create a new blog and start blogging and everyday, while in bad mood, totally abandon my blog like nobody business. who cares right? hehe

Last month attended Renee (my cousin sis) and Gilbert wedding dinner @ Concorde Hotel, KL. I was so hectic on that day, as if like I'm the bride!  morning wake up went for hair-do, noon boyfiee pick me up to have lunch then headed to KLCC for make-up at Shu Uemura. All went very well, of course they were several issues like people came late, didn't show up and etc. Unfortunetly, I didn't get to have a chance to take picture with Bride and Groom. Never get to see them!! sad case.

 Make up @ Shu Uemura
 My beauty stylist, Wilton! He did a good job, I like the way he help me make-up,but not the eyebrow, black don't suits me. 
 I looked weird!

27 September 2011

V & J Day

I realized recently I like to fill up my schedule tightly during my little holiday. Whenever I have a day off, i would just go out! at night, go out! Go out doesn't mean I don't stay at home, i do, during working days. Working days I seriously want to stay at home (sometimes), I reach home around 9pm something, and I just look like a dead fish. hehe As long as I'm free, u call me out, I can out. I call you out, you have to say yes! haha Is you pleasure to go out with me ok??!! hahaha  

Darling and I went to One U for chill chill. surprised me that SHE DATE ME OUT! whooooa! She seldom do that, RAREEEEE!! Only people will go find her, not she go find ppl. Cinder-lala!! haha Usually is I'm the one who date her, so this time she date me out. How can I say no to her?I'm not that mean and bad ya know. hehe We had a relaxing day and chit chat on that day. Time forever not enough for girls when they meet up. So do today had brunch with Chris, Jen and Darling. We had a good time with pork @ SS2 Mall + bubble tea!! its delicious! Forever not enough time for us to chat! Even 24 hrs also not enough I guess. haha Finally get to meet up with them! miss them muchy muchy!! muakzz

14 September 2011

a little suprised for bestie

It was Codi 21st birthday, so the peeps threw out a suprised birthday celebration in Overtime @ 1 Mont Kiara. My job on that day is to collect cake and be there on time! hehe

After that celebration, I heard alot people missed the celebration cause they couldnt get there and some even got lost. poor thing. But there are still many people managed to come. :D

Everyone had their great time, and I even get to meet new friends. All funny funny people, not shy at all!!! haha I kinda tired to update blog today. I wanted to update my blog, but i lazy to write long long. So, pictures do the talking. *wink*

Overtime @ 1 Mont Kiara

 I always like to sit like that. hehe

 I like the cake!

 the one and only one clear group photo

06 September 2011

3days before back to workaholic!

1 week holiday is over! Students back to school, workers back to work, jobless people stay jobless. haha First day back to work, I received tones of to-do-list need to complete in a day! But I'm happy that at least I can busy for the whole day instead of just slacking around and doing nothing. The hot weather makes me fall into sick! I can feel the pain when I'm in the car, summore I'm wearing jeans! Now in recovering process, hopefully tomorrow will feels better. :)

Last week, the very kind Darling spent half friday with me before I back to work. She said she wants to enjoy gaogao with me for this holiday, but actually her intention is to have Snowflake @ Mid Valley! Evil betul betul! So the next day we go ourselve, as we did not pass by each other hse.

I was kinda surprised that that day the traffic was so smooth! No jam at all! So I thought should be alright to find parking in MV, so went I reached MV, it started to jam (normal laar), because in and out using the same way same road! I thought outside jam because of in and out, never know our nightmare began when we entered into car park!!

Can you imagine we spent 2 hours in the car park just to find parking!!! 2 farking hours!! I never have such experience before in my life, and this is my first time experiencing use 2 hours to find parking! 1 hour for me, 1 hour for darling. When I found a parking, I walked to meet up with darling at another zone area, we both seriously get screwed up with the parking in Mid Valley. Whats the fucking wrong with Mid Valley? Forever go MV will never get to find a single parking, at least u have to round around 30 mins only get a farking parking! Why can't they just expand the parking or something? Do something please! Part of the reason MV always full in parking, because I heard Darling said next to MV the Wisma something something, all the workers park their cars in MV! That fucking building don't have their own parking lot! what the heck is this?Anyway, we both seriously so fuck up with MV parking! Do they even do something on it?

Jam outside MV before enter into parking zone.

Lunch @ Nandos', our all time favourite.
camwhore. forever.

 Zouk Cafe Bar
Mie Blume Des Paradiese! I lurve it!
Darling Vietnamese Lime Soda! Taste good tooo!

02 September 2011

Dear Gong Cha

So fast, it's friday! Next week gotta back to work already. :( Can I have one more a week public holiday pls? at least 3 days? I know is impossible, so, don't think too much!

Some people says that Gong Cha's bubble tea are nice. Some said better than Chatime,some said not! It depends on your taste, if you likes it then of course you will say better than Chatime, if you dislike of course you will say Chatime better. simple as that.

That day went to Mid Valley for Final Destination 5. I told my boyfieee that I want to try Gong Cha, want to taste how nice it is. Same as Chatime, loooong Q, the service is kinda better than Chatime. As there was a girl (taiwanese) taking order for the people who were Q-ing behind. So after we ordered, we paid at the counter, wait 5 mins. Drinks served! perfect + efficient! ! I forgotten what I've drink, but honestly speaking, I dont like it. I don't know what to called that thing on top of the drink, some milk thingy. It's so geli when you drink the bottom part. This is the first time also my last time.

Dear Gong Cha, sorry you are not my cup of tea. :( But I like your service! :)

 Dinner at Fong Lye @ Hartamas


 Egg or Tou Fu?  I forgot! hehe

"Sam Pui Chow/Sam Pui Kai" (Three Cup Wine, Three Cup Chicken). Nice but spicy!